Double the Members....
Double the Fun!


This is a new and exciting national initiative to rapidly increase our effectiveness in meeting the mission of our organization while achieving the vision of current leadership to restore and revitalize the AALU.

The goal of this program is simple. Over the next year, WE WILL DOUBLE the number of MEMBERS and CHAPTERS of the AALU and ultimately increase our financial support of Dear Lincoln. We know that it will take the combined and collective efforts of our members and that is where the FUN part comes in.

Our added resources through this historic membership drive and expected increases will necessitate and enable us to put together many of the promotions and activities that involve that aspect of our mission that requires us to promote fellowship among the alumni of Lincoln University. We are looking forward in time to vacation gatherings, conventions, cruises, concerts and plain old get together and outings to round out a slate of the usual activities that will enable us to do good by meeting our mission and have a good time simultaneously.

We do not know about you, but in our blessed and rich lives we’ve found that many of our best friends and favorite people are just like us-the alumni of Lincoln University. We have no doubt that those of you who get onboard with us, now have a great reason to re-connect with dear and old friends from the past and get them involved with Lincoln while offering them an opportunity to give back in an area that often is deemed worthy and requires little convincing and justification to do so.

Wouldn’t it be FUN to meet our mission in supporting the university, spurring fellowship among alumni, recruiting new student talent and having fun at the same time? Of course it would!

Let’s all get onboard and Double the Members, while we Double the Fun!