establish an alumni chapter

Our Alumni who represent a plethora of cultures, backgrounds, faiths, and geographic origins, are all benefactors of the commitment Lincoln University made on our behalf.  While as individuals we are diverse, collectively we share the common Lincoln experience with each of us holding an understanding of the power of our institution’s legacy. 

If you have a desire to bring Lions together in your area, please contact the National Alumni Association or the Universities Office of Alumni Relations. A Chapter consists of at least five or more Lincoln University Alumni who reside in a common geographic area or who share a similar professional discipline.  The Chapter will hold regular meetings and serve as a conduit through which Alumni may fellowship with one another as well as develop programs and initiatives to serve our Alma Mater, Lincoln University.  Each Chapter will be governed under a Constitution and By-Laws written by its Officers and membership, and; which shall not conflict with that of the National Alumni Association of Lincoln University.  A Chapter will not be recognized as an entity of the Alumni Association unless certified and sanctioned by the President of the National Alumni Association upon satisfying the criteria set forth in the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws.