job descriptions for elected positions

The Alumni Association of Lincoln University Elected Position Job Descriptions


Alumni Elected Board of Trustee Member Job Description

The entire management, control, and conduct of the instructional, administrative, and financial affairs of the University shall be vested in the Board of Trustees. The Six Alumni Elected Nominees to the Lincoln University Board of Trustees are the representatives of the National Alumni Association of Lincoln University and its members. It is the expectation that the Alumni Elected Trustee shall act as the voice of the Alumni Association and communicate the wishes of the Alumni Association to the full body of the Board and its committees.


Alumni Elected Executive Office Job Description

The Executive elected officers shall consist of a President, Vice President and Treasurer

Election Process:
The Alumni Association’s’ Nominations and Elections Committee shall determine the criteria which must be met to place a candidate on the election slate. The election slate is presented to the membership for approval at the Annual meeting. The candidate campaigns and an election for Executive Elected Officers commences. Election Ballots are sent to members via mail or electronically via text or email. The voting concludes after the May General Membership Meeting. The names of the winning candidates are announced sent to the AALU President and Executive Secretary.