New Alumni Association President

From the Office of the President

Alumni Association of Lincoln University

February 18, 2018


Dear Alumni,

It is with some reserve and consternation I advise you that Mr. Darrell Braxton submitted his resignation a few weeks ago as President of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University.   Some of you may have been alerted of this in your local Chapter meetings.  Needless to say, we in no way envisioned nor could we have forecasted this possibility.  While his resignation was being reviewed, per our Constitution, and as Vice President, I assumed responsibility for the day to day activities of the Association.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, the Nominations and Elections committee upon its review, formally accepted the resignation of President Braxton and certified me as President of the Association for the remainder of his term.  The Vice-Presidential office I now leave has been filled by my selection of Major General (Dr.)  Roosevelt Allen, ‘82.    I am excited about Vice President Allen joining our team.  His retirement following a lengthy and distinguished career in the United States Air Force is pending and he is looking forward to a greater commitment to the Association and Lincoln as he moves onto the next chapter of his life.  He brings the additional organizational talents, leadership skills, and temperament needed at this time by our organization. 

Our Treasurer, Ms. Donna LeCointe, ‘91 who was elected by the membership and who has served a critical role in navigating through these events will continue in this position.  I have found Ms. LeCointe not only to be ethically grounded but to also be an individual of great integrity who has more than demonstrated the knowledge and experience necessary to serve as custodian of this Association’s finances. 

While elected by the membership as your Vice President, I am clearly prepared to take on the mantle of President.   No, I did not plan to be President but as a then candidate, I understood although thinking it unlikely, there was a possibility of my being required to assume such a role.   I do not take this role lightly and approach it with the strongest conviction and commitment.  I will fight for this organization.  Our team will fight for this organization.  Please be assured this Association will continue with no less the strength, vigor and purpose our founders envisioned in 1872. 

In the next few days, I will be reaching out to you for your assistance.  Every President has the ability to choose their own cabinet.    I will be reviewing both the Standing and Ad hoc committees currently functioning in support of the Association and their leadership/members as well as those committee positions not yet filled by President Braxton.  Clearly President Braxton filled his committee positions with worthy candidates of his selection, however, given the change in administration, I will be reviewing and/or re-appointing committee members whom I feel will best serve my administration and its initiatives.  This is your time to commit to the Association and the University.  We need talented, visionary and committed Alumni to work with us to move this organization forward.  If you hold the aforementioned attributes and are capable of being a team player, please consider volunteering to serve.

A disruption in the middle of anything but especially a political term is not easy.  I assure you under my watch there will be continuity and as our history is written, this will one day be seen as an insignificant blurb on our radar of greatness and accomplishments. I fully understand the need to sustain your trust while re-building the trust of others.  We must all pull together and in the same direction.  This is not the time for detractors whether they believe they are well intended or not to cause divisiveness within the organization.

In closing, I ask for your support, your prayers and your patience as we rise above and to a greater era in the history of this Association.



Meta H. Timmons, DVM, ‘79


Alumni Association of Lincoln University (Pa)