Listen to Our Alma Mater 

Dear Lincoln, Dear Lincoln
To Thee We’ll e’re be true!
The golden hours we’ve spent beneath
The dear old Orange and Blue
Will live fore’er in memory,
As guiding stars through life;
For thee our Alma Mater dear,
We’ll rise in our might.

For we love every inch of thy sacred soil
Every tree on thy campus green;
And for thee with our might
We will ever toil
That thou mightest be supreme.

We’ll raise thy standard to the sky.
Midst glory and honor to fly;
And constant and true,
We will live for thee anew.
Our Dear Old Orange and Blue
Hail! Hail! Lincoln!

— A. Dennie Bibb, ’13

"Oh, God of Dust and Rainbows, Help us to see - That without the dust the rainbow would not be." - Langston Hughes '29